Chinese original full watercolor hand-painted, let the children feel the beauty – Sohu maternal and

China original all watercolor hand-painted, let the children feel the beauty of eye – small snail mother woke up sleepy Sohu. It stretched out head slowly from the shell, stretching a stretch. The little snail swings his tentacles! I’m going to find a good food! Where’s the food? The little snail climbed and climbed and climbed up the branches. At this time, a little squirrel jumped over the branches, suddenly a flash. "Ah!" The little snail fell off the branch. "Why? I didn’t hurt a bit." The little snail stretched out his head and touched it with his feelers. Where is this? The little snail fell on the little rabbit. The little rabbit was frightened and ran hard. The little snail clung to the hair, for fear of falling. "Stop it."! Stop quickly! I am afraid!" But it’s too small. "Little bee, what are you?" "We are in the nectar! Would you like to try it?" The little snail climbed up the flower and took a bite. Thank you, little bee! The little snail climbed and climbed and climbed to find delicious food. Delicious, in the end where? The little snail climbed and climbed and looked for it. The sun suddenly turned dark, the little snail thought: "why? How can the sun see? Is it going to rain again?" The little snail went so far as to find no good food. "I feel tired, hungry!" The little snail said, asleep on the back of the leaf. Around the quiet, rain soaked into the ground, shoots head out from the earth. The little snail woke up, stretched out head from the shell. Wow, a lot of fresh buds! Nice to find it! The little snail ate happily. This book is dedicated to the beautiful and mysterious nature of family study goal is: let your baby have a selection of high-quality books. Therefore the introduction of a letter for your baby to choose a suitable book. In addition to the children to see picture books, we recommend that parents must read, family wealth of life book building. Mom and dad happy, the children more happy.相关的主题文章:

Market Research Young Pioneer gaming fans watch the game player accounted for 7 mentalist

Market Research: "watch" Young Pioneer eSports fans accounted for 7 into the game player according to the market research company Nelson released the "2016 report" with Nelson Nelson e-sports game electronic tracking data, all the "watch" pioneer eSports fans, aged 18 years to 34 years of age accounted for 68%. The data of this age is higher than the average value of other E-sports games 61%. This shows that Blizzard’s team shooting game has found a way to attract young audiences, so that it can attract more young people than their competitors. The millennials are also the most popular group of advertisers, which also makes the watch pioneer in 2016 revenue will reach $493 million in the e-sports market to occupy a certain advantage. Belong to the "watch vanguard" in May this year, the official sale, but it has now become a hot game. The game’s sales have exceeded 20 million copies. The game is released after the update of the second heroes will be officially launched Sombra shadow. On the whole, the e-sports fans prefer to play the vanguard of the game than the average game player, their respective groups in the proportion of 17% and 4%. Nielsen Co also found that, due to the lack of local competition, these "vanguard" 27% of fans do not participate in the game in the game. Blizzard is also working to improve the issue through the organization of "watch the vanguard" League, the League will be built around the world based on the city game team. (source: Tencent game) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章:

On pregnancy, the approach is not necessarily appropriate, but the 3 can not be wrong – Sohu materna mine_清翼

On the way to prepare pregnant, not necessarily appropriate, but this 3 wrong – a Sohu maternal age sister asked me what I experience, I think, decided to put the five months of pregnancy preparation course record for sisters — on the road of pregnancy preparation, I was the day before, because the two pregnancy is too smooth, too easy. At the age of 26, decided to let the baby, menstrual cycle, push forward 14 days as the day before and after ovulation, intercourse once, the successful pregnancy…… A daughter this year has read grade, is a healthy, clever sensible child. The second pregnancy, in my 33 year old birthday, did not use condoms, was aware of the possible ovulation day, but some of the consequences…… This is the only time that there is no contraception, so pregnant. Then two-child policy is not open, but to do the medical abortion. Fast forward to this year, accidentally is over 40. I am the only child in 2014, has let alone two children, can have a second child, but because of busy work, until May 20th this year, was determined. At the beginning, I think home is simple — just look at the night of May 20th, my period prediction software, suggesting that day is the day of ovulation (my menstrual cycle is always right), then immediately…… Then, the lottery — foolishly naive to think later — like when young, menstruation, felt surprised, "why not pregnant?" [June] the crazy made software, bought Xiuer ovulation test strip, watched a lot of hard materials. At that time, the test paper will not find strong yang…… Failed! [July] start with the test paper to do B ultrasound ovulation monitoring, found that about 22 of the size of the follicles can be discharged…… However, let the students go to the hospital to check sperm – found his vitality is not enough: a+b less than 30%, a less than 5%…… The doctor opened the capsule and vitamin E, said, at least three months". I gave him another lycopene. …… Failed again in the month! [August] think Mr. sperm is not enough, naively thought a month with time, can guarantee the quality of sperm (this is wrong, later on). That month, insist on B ultrasound row, looked at the right fallopian tube eggs, and discharged…… Still! [September] began to consider the possibility of artificial insemination or artificial insemination, then find the city’s most prestigious fertility doctor doctor lu. She asked me to do the gonad six and AMH test (which I’ve never done before, because my menstrual cycle is super accurate, and monthly monitoring of ovulation is also normal, so never consider what I have a problem). However, the results of the AMH test at the hospital – I almost broke down on the spot! Only 0.04! If this data is correct, not to mention the pregnancy, the ovaries are almost exhausted, menopause in front of. Dr. Lu’s assistant, the doctor saw the results of the pony told me, such a situation is difficult to conceive naturally, as soon as possible to consider the test tube. Finally, the first time a profound understanding of the normal women from 35 years of age, usually in the age of 37, when the egg age of 38.相关的主题文章:

Science tells you how to improve voter turnout www.8008205555

Science tells you: how to improve the election turnout — technology — original title: science tells you: how to improve the election turnout – today view the presidential election less than three months, the bipartisan campaign team is still racing against time canvassing. But another big headache for politicians in both parties is how to raise the turnout. According to the "Scientific American" magazine reported that the internal democracy, citizens democratic rights claimed that the election is the biggest country in the past 9 presidential election turnout has been hovering around 50%, with an absolute advantage among developed countries turnout among the worst. How to improve voter turnout, behavioral scientists suggest that, rather than simply telling voters to vote, it is better to work from the voting environment. U.S. election turnout of only about 50% data show that in 2012 the U.S. presidential election, only 53.6% of voters vote, even in the highest turnout in 2008, this figure is only $56.9%. In contrast, in the latest general election, Belgium’s voting rate as high as 87.2%, the Australian turnout as high as 80.5%, even Finland’s turnout is as high as 73.1%. Why more and more Americans are not willing to exercise what they call the greatest democracy? At present, there are some political and man-made obstacles in the U.S. election practices, such as the harsh voter identity act, some areas of the polling station is insufficient, so that some Americans are difficult to participate in the vote. In addition to these objective obstacles, the majority of the theory of the status of the voters do not vote voters pointed out that indifference to politics or do not believe in government capacity, but also restrict the election rate. The best way to do this is to tell people that their votes are important to the government, but that doesn’t seem to solve all the problems. Behavioral science may explain why this information intervention measures the final work not completed. Practice shows that the environment will have a fundamental impact on people’s decisions. Such as the practice of others, the impact of the election on the feelings of self, to prepare for the vote, etc., will ultimately affect whether voters vote. Many of the traditional mobilization efforts will help to achieve the goal of voters to vote on the upcoming election day to vote. However, just as many people plan to exercise, eat a healthy diet, and save money for retirement, there are only a handful of people who actually put it into practice. A study by the Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania has shown that making specific plans can help people make their goals a reality. During the Democratic primary in Pennsylvania in 2008, researchers conducted a field experiment among 287 thousand voters who wanted to vote. The United States in November to three days before the election, Temple Nicholson and the Harvard University behavioral scientist David? Todd? Rodgers voters were divided into two groups, one group only asked about their willingness to vote; the other group besides the willingness to vote, they will ask questions when, where and how to achieve the goal of voting. Voter records show that the plan is more effective than simply asking the voters, and the possibility of a planned voter is more likely to participate in the election. Voters of the herd mentality should not be underestimated)相关的主题文章:

Be curious! Crack caesarean section ten Mysteries – Sohu maternal and child

Be curious! Crack the ten mysteries of caesarean section – Sohu maternal caesarean section is the abdominal incision of the uterus to remove fetal surgery. If the operation is properly applied, can play a role to save the mother and child, otherwise not only can not achieve the desired effect, and may cause long-term adverse effects, so the operation must be carefully considered before, pay attention to. There are a lot of pregnant women have some misconceptions about this surgery, as long as the child can take out as soon as possible is good. In fact, it is necessary to strengthen our understanding of caesarean section. The mystery of a caesarean section is better than natural production safety? Medical technology development so far, caesarean section and safety of natural production is very high, and there is no end that a good argument, only is suitable to the problem. In the general evaluation. Under the "natural" only local anesthesia, postpartum recovery, short hospitalization time, to establish a good parent-child relationship; "Caesarean section" need anesthesia complicated, operative bleeding and postoperative complications of a higher probability of mother physical recovery. Mystery two caesarean section maternal stature is not deformed? Actually this kind of view there is no medical basis, postpartum body has nothing to do with no deformation and production methods, and related to postpartum diet and exercise. As long as the postpartum by adjusting the diet and exercise, either natural or a caesarean section, can once again return to the slim figure. However, because of deep cesarean section, maternal fear of pain, often delayed the start of the exercise time. The mystery of three caesarean section, the sexual life of husband and wife is not affected? Some people think that the natural production of wound pain and vaginal relaxation will cause the sexual life between husband and wife is not harmonious, in fact, the vagina is great inclusive and flexible, as long as the postpartum do "Kegel exercises", usually the vagina will be to restore the previous spring. The main reason of the real impact of postpartum sexual life of husband and wife, is depressed and extreme sleepiness causes, and caesarean wounds while not in perineal wound healing, but the longer time, sexual life satisfaction is also easy to fall. Mystery four caesarean section can pick the hour for the children? In fact there have been many astrologers to clarify, because the invention does not exist in the chart of caesarean birth behavior, so the majority of astrologers that caesarean delivery time is to pick the fetus, the chart to know. Mystery five caesarean section child head is beautiful? From a medical point of view, the birth of deformation of fetal head is a normal process, a few days will be restored, and had no effect on the appearance and intelligence of the future. It is a Caesarean fetus, because the production process is not through the birth canal squeeze that was born? It is not easy, lung expansion, more prone to pulmonary complications. Mystery six sensitive to the modern women, unbearable pain of production, the traditional vaginal delivery hold resist attitude? The hospital offered prenatal education classes, taught by Lamaze breathing movement ", and in the labor provides" painless delivery "service, so that mothers can choose the or not. It solves the problem of labor pain. Mystery seven hepatitis B with the original mother needs caesarean section production, the child after birth.相关的主题文章:

OTA beach line or face integration challenges reshacker

OTA beach line or the integration challenges faced by OTA beach line or the integration challenges faced by OTA (online travel industry) recent investment continues. Recently, Ctrip announced investment in tourism know-all, cut the line market. Shortly after, with the way tourism announced the merger and reorganization of Wanda tourism. The layout of the above OTA line is no longer a new thing. In the background of losses across the board, through more than a year of the line layout, the online travel industry "qualitative" began to appear in the near future. Many OTA leading enterprises began to seek cooperation with major tourism leading enterprises, in order to integrate resources, get rid of the current dilemma. Insiders believe that the layout of the line is the next one or two years, the hot tourist market. At the same time, OTA enterprise transformation O2O, the layout of the industrial chain of this play, may change the game rules of the entire tourism industry. However, there are short board and other aspects of resource and destination OTA line, how to achieve synergy and aggregation development is still a huge challenge. Across the beach line recently, Ctrip Travel and tourism know-all signed the "investment cooperation framework agreement". It is reported that Ctrip will have more than 5 thousand stores through tourism know-all, the layout of the two or three line of the city. Ctrip relevant responsible person said in an China "business" interview with reporters, the know-all and tourism cooperation, Ctrip on the platform with a tour group, free travel, cruise, single tourism product line will be know-all tourism product library access. At the same time, Ctrip and tourism will also know-all in product library construction, resource procurement, sales channels, tourism consultant construction comprehensive cooperation, integration of online and offline. Public information, tourism know-all is currently the number of domestic outlets at most, the largest group line of travel chain channels, has more than 5000 stores entities, covering nearly 30 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions), 2015 annual leave product reservation turnover of about 5 billion yuan, this year is expected to increase at a rate above 50%. The size of the shop and the trading volume is large, is the main reason for the know-all tourism Ctrip more valued. Ctrip, Ctrip Tourism Group senior vice president CEO Yang Tao said that through the strategic investment in tourism know-all, Ctrip Travel the overall layout of the two or three lines of the city, and Ctrip product penetration into the line through the store market channels and travel consultant services are not familiar with the network of consumer groups. Just before the Ctrip and know-all tourism cooperation, tuniu and HNA’s "love" is heating up again. HNA Group to submit SEC documents show that from August 29th to September 29th, HNA Group and its subsidiaries tuniu total holdings of 4 million 373 thousand shares of class a common stock. This is the second time this year, HNA Group Holdings of shares tuniu. After the holdings, HNA Group will hold more than 26.61% of the shares tuniu. In fact, a lot of recent OTA are accelerating the pace of integration of online and offline. With the way tourism relevant responsible person said that the company’s Wanda tourism, the travel agency will become the 12 local travel agency travel line part. In addition, according to Hong Qinghua, founder of the donkey mother, the company plans to set up in the end of 2016 in 100 cities nationwide donkey mother subsidiary, the opening of not less than 200.相关的主题文章:

Pokemon go strike out against cheating jailbroken devices — game no longer sup widcomm

"Pokemon GO" strike out against cheating   jailbroken devices — game original title: GO is no longer supported "Pokemon" strike out against cheating jailbroken devices no longer support September 12th news, according to foreign media reports, as one of the "GO" Pokemon developer Niantic game studio recently issued a statement saying, "Pokemon GO" it will no longer support the jailbreak the device, and you want to experience the game player can only be downloaded from Google or Apple’s app store and other official channels. The purpose of this approach is to combat cheating in the game, to create a good and orderly game environment. Niantic said in a statement, the future will focus on Pokemon GO update improvements, so far this game will no longer support jailbreak devices. Download apps from Google app store or Apple’s iTunes app store. Niantic this approach is because there are users in the game using third party software (plug), accelerate the game upgrade, breaking the fairness of the game. Game plug-in has been known as the game killer, once the game plug rampant, is bound to cause serious impact on the game itself, resulting in the loss of players, etc.. It seems that in the "GO" Pokemon fire at the same time, still can not avoid the problem of the plug-in, the next punch simply don’t want to ruin the game from outside. Of course, Niantic did not completely prohibit or delete the game account. This means that if the player can play through the legal channels, you can still access their own original game account. (Bodhi) (commissioning editor: Shen Guangqian, Yang Yu Poirot)相关的主题文章:

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